Giant Schnauzer p&s Puppies
VERWACHT........ ERWARTET ............. EXPECTED

Puppies expected April 1, 2019

On January 28, 2019
Unifying Uma van de Telgthoeve

was mated by: Amazing Wodan van de Telgthoeve

Belgian Winner 2012
Belgisch Kampioen
ISPU Klub Sieger 2013
Vice World Veteran Champion '18


Mated on February 14, 2019
Puppies expected on April 15, 2019
Vitalising Vashti van de Telgthoeve

will be mated by : Remembering Ravel van de Telgthoeve

No Kidding Nozem van de Telgthoeve,18 monts old with
her 10 months old "friend for life"

Alma and No Kidding Izzy van de Telgthoeve

Having fun in the snow with Remembering Rose ☺
January 17, 2016



April 12, 2014 Bracha wanted to come too (the one on the right)
Puppies could do without her for a short time ☺

Jubileeing Julih
Honoring Harmke and Inspiring Ivane,
6 months old and big friends


The Telgthoeve pack playing together Little Giggling Gilah is enjoying the game!
March 2014